You are about to embark on a new journey as a college student, a resident of 法国, and a 巴黎ian. 美, 大小, 新萄京正规网站城市的安全使它变得亲密和容易了解, 但这里的工作方式可能对你来说很新鲜. 通过提供安全, affordable accommodations within easy commuting distance to 新萄京正规网站’s campus, we help you acquire the global sense of independence that generations of 新萄京正规网站 graduates have gained. We also take all the guesswork out of the 住房 process for you.

第一年,新萄京正规网站会满足你all的住房需求. The University requires all new first-year undergraduates to arrange 住房 via our 住房办公室. When you get here, ready to start your new life in 巴黎, all you’ll have left to do is unpack.

新萄京正规网站的 2021年秋季住房 现在可以选择. 即将入学的学生将开始注册 2021年5月4日.