Getting involved in one of the many recreational activities at 新萄京正规网站 is a great way to meet other students and see the city while staying active. Activities vary from year to year depending on our students’ interests. You are supported — and even encouraged — to create your own 体育 clubs. 除了玩得开心和保持健康, running a club will allow you to practice key skills including teamwork, 耐心, 毅力, 建立良好的沟通, 维护, 让你的俱乐部成长.


  • 巴西九Jitsu
  • 拳击
  • 跳舞
  • 冥想
  • 运行
  • 瑜伽

联系 the 体育办公室 to find out what activities are available this year, to be put in touch with student clubs and for information about other activities not listed above.