Global Professional Skills Program (全球定位系统(GPS))

The Global Professional Skills (全球定位系统(GPS)) program launched in the spring of 2017 as a signature program for 新萄京正规网站. It provides you with the opportunity to sharpen critically important skills and develop your own personal narrative throughout college that will benefit your life post-新萄京正规网站.

如果你是大学生, 去学生, you will be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities during your time at 新萄京正规网站 — whether it's volunteering with an international 非政府组织, interning with your dream fashion designer, or participating in one of 新萄京正规网站's many clubs. You generate a co-curricular record (CCR) that registers all of your activities from semester to semester and connects them with your transcripts to boost your career prospects after graduation.

成功获得全球定位系统(GPS)证书, you will be asked to explore global skills that are grouped within four categories and align with our university 核心能力. 每一个设计, 这就是新萄京正规网站的使命, "to challenge you to master and to make, to reflect and to apply and to analyze and to act in hands-on, 真实生活环境.通过额外的工作坊, training sessions and a final project you will complete the program and earn the 全球定位系统(GPS) certificate.


In addition to providing a structure for you to record and reflect on your co-curricular and extracurricular activities – thus learning about yourself 和世界 and preparing yourself for life after graduation – the program also offers the following takeaways:

  • Customize your own co-curricular record to highlight activities to share with graduate schools and employers;
  • Participate in a Designing Your Narrative Workshop: develop a compelling and coherent narrative about yourself, 你的兴趣, 和你的成就;
  • Have the chance to present your narrative to a panel of 新萄京正规网站 校友, employers an faculty;
  • Receive a 全球定位系统(GPS) certificate (with a mention of your completion of the program on your official academic transcript;
  • Top student presenters will be invited to meet the 新萄京正规网站 董事会;
  • One winning submission will receive the Danielle Savage 全球定位系统(GPS) Award at commencement.