The Summer 创意写作 Institute offers students opportunities to write and share poetry and fiction under the guidance of a highly accomplished faculty member. 与此同时, students will enjoy 巴黎 life and culture while becoming steeped in some of its great literary legacy.

在其整个历史中, 巴黎启发了法国和世界各地的作家, 通常为不容忍提供庇护, 审查, 或者他们祖国的狭隘. 巴黎是, 一直都是, 一个文学沙龙和艺术家和作家在咖啡馆的活泼聚会的地方. 在社会和政治动荡中, revolutionary approaches to literary form and subject matter have emerged more often from 巴黎 than from any other metropolis, 反映了一个现代化世界的痛苦生活. 法国文学的杰出人物,如雨果, 左拉, 巴尔扎克, 波德莱尔, 阿波利奈尔都以巴黎为对象, and the preeminence of the written word and the artistic spirit of 巴黎 attracted foreign writers including Stein, 乔伊斯, 海明威, 贝克特, 米勒, 鲍德温, 里斯, 和赖特, 举几个例子.

Visiting students enrolled in the Summer 创意写作 Institute select a single writing workshop in Poetry, 小说, 或创造性的非小说. The three creative writing workshops are designed to help students to read their own work objectively, 培养批判性词汇, 深入研究工艺问题. 讲习班每天进行三个半小时, 一周四天, 允许三天的周末写作, 旅行, 和旅游. 

每周一个晚上, 学生将参加与励志作家的阅读和问答活动. The event evenings also unite the full group of creative writing students to enjoy informal discussion and refreshments. The combination of workshops and evening events make up four transferable academic credits for those who are coming from other universities. 对于新萄京正规网站的学生,这些课程可以应用到B.A. 或者是辅修创意写作. 审计人员的费用较低.

在白天, 学生从大学图书馆获益, 常见的空间, 学生咖啡馆,, 当然, 周围第七区的丰富性. Bordered by the Seine to the north, the Eiffel Tower to the west, and Les Invalides to the east, the septieme 是巴黎最迷人、最优雅的社区之一吗, 提供丰富的餐厅阵列, 咖啡馆, 商店, 公共空间, 在盛夏, 展示巴黎最好的一面.

新萄京正规网站自己的各种各样的产品 文化之旅 为学生提供有组织的体验巴黎和法国的机会. 希望独立旅行的学生将发现丰富的建议,通过 文化项目办公室.


This year we are pleased to offer two competitive 旅行 stipends of up to €500 each to outstanding 创意写作 Institute students. 被认为是, 除了你完成的夏季申请, 请将以下补充材料通过邮件发送至 招生

  • A sample of your creative writing: for fiction writers please include between 5 and 10 pages of your work, 和诗人, 3到5首诗      
  • A paragraph explaining how this three-week intensive course in 巴黎 might help you develop as a writer

All students who wish to be considered for the 旅行 stipends must submit their applications by 2022年3月31日. 获奖名单将于4月初公布.

Travel stipends must be used for legitimate 旅行 expenses that students incur in reaching 巴黎 and will be disbursed only after students have completed their 旅行. 旅游津贴获得者 必须保留和布置 all original receipts, boarding passes, train tickets, etc for their stipend to be processed.


点击你想参加的课程, 查看标题“时间表”下的个别日期和时间.从以下任何一门课程中选择. 你的选择不限于一个类别.