Quantitative and Experimental Reasoning

定量推理和实验推理是分析的基础, 在21世纪理解并解决局部和全球性问题. These courses enhance your ability to analyze data, 理解科学方法,区分证据和轶事.

To fulfill this requirement, 你需要学习两门课程:一门定量推理课程和一门实验推理课程(编码CCM和CCS), representing 8 credits.

Quantitative Reasoning

1 course coded CCM, representing 4 credits.


  • You will develop a positive approach to mathematics; appreciate the use of mathematics in modeling the world; reason and communicate with quantitative information in words, 数字, graphs and charts; and develop strategies for solving problems.
Experimental Reasoning Course with Lab

1 course coded CCS, representing 4 credits


  • You will demonstrate knowledge of core concepts in a scientific field, interpret scientific data from a variety of sources, apply the scientific method to solve problems, 并在交流科学知识时展示书面和口头表达能力.