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The notion of collective or social memory has compelled substantial scholarly attention as a means for theorizing socially shared meanings and their political and structural consequences. Recently, 一个“记忆研究”的领域已经出现在期刊上, conferences, 以及活跃的跨学科交流. Simultaneously, 集体记忆已经发展出一种应用, practical, emphasis on producing or consolidating social values and the practice of memory has also compelled substantial social and political engagement. Public and private organizations have invested vast resources in memory practices as a means for teaching social justice, 打击偏见, 防止未来的暴行. Public spaces, museums, 网站的暴行, 为了与偏见作斗争,教室已经成为纪念场所, 防止过去的暴力重演, 并灌输宽容和开放社会所必需的价值观. 在所有这些社交空间中,见证的实践是一个持久的特征.   

The efficacy of memory practices for social betterment is most often taken axiomatically and uncritically as an established fact. Educators, policy makers, 学者们似乎经常认为,在讲授过去的种族主义案例时, exclusion, 暴力将激发个人和社会的变革. 教授过去的种族主义案例可以吗, exclusion, 暴力激发了个人和社会的变革? 对过去的叙述能促进社会的转型吗? A robust literature of well-executed studies is still developing and more scholarship is needed in order to answer this question and better understand what is at stake when collective memory is employed in the service of shared values and when such memory practices are, or are not, effective. 此外,研究替代实践是否可能有更大的影响是重要的.

The Figuring Memory monthly seminar aims to launch a sustained discussion with scholars and practitioners from multiple disciplines and perspectives engaged with these questions. 研讨会采用了比较的视角, 研究全球各地过去和最近的暴行,动机和意图各不相同. 

组织者:莎拉Gensburger, Sandrine Lefranc, 康斯坦斯Pâris de Bollardière和Brian Schiff 


与Rebecca Hale的第一阶段,2021年10月19日,|

"Learning about 大屠杀,学习 from 大屠杀:基本目标,但新萄京正规网站如何知道它们已经实现了?"

Speaker: Rebecca Hale伦敦大学学院大屠杀教育中心高级研究员

Discussant: 莎拉Gensburger法国国家科学研究中心

本报告将探讨研究大屠杀教育影响的复杂性, 考虑采用随机对照试验的可行性, and appeal to those working in the field to be mindful of making and accepting spurious claims about impact.

第二阶段与Lea David | 2021年11月16日

讨论李·大卫的书 过去无法治愈新萄京正规网站:以人权之名强制记忆的危险 

Speaker: Lea David都柏林大学学院社会学院助理教授,特邀研究员

Discussant: 塞西尔Jouhanneau, Université Paul-Valéry蒙彼利埃/ ART-Dev

根据来自西巴尔干和以色列/巴勒斯坦的证据, 丽娅·大卫将介绍她对人权和记忆之间关系的调查, suggesting that, 而不是以规范的方式理解人权, 人权应该被视为一种意识形态. Conceptualizing human rights as an ideology gives us useful theoretical and methodological tools to recognize the real impact human rights has on the ground. 大卫追溯了人权纪念议程这一全球现象的兴起, 所谓“道德记忆”, 并探讨一旦这一议程实施后会发生什么.

2021年12月14日,与Thomas Van de Putte举行第三次会议


Speaker: Thomas Van de Putte特伦托大学博士后

Discussant: Dr. Ewa Tartakowsky, CNRS

Thomas Van de Putte将谈论他最近出版的书 当代奥斯威辛/奥斯威辛 (Routledge出版社2021年出版), 一本新萄京正规网站一群生活在当代波兰小镇奥斯威辛的朋友的民族志, 奥斯维辛集中营在德国. Thomas will address the multiplicity of these people’s memory performances and use the interactional theories of Erving Goffman and George Herbert Mead to interpret them. Thomas Van de Putte也会讲到他目前的研究 内存和道德 在教育背景下(在欧洲水平上), 在比利时和波兰), 以及新萄京正规网站发展的理论 记忆在行动. Van de Putte will outline the main premises of a social theory of cultural memory that borrows from interactionally sensitive forms of cultural sociology, 叙述社会语言学, 以及文学读者反应理论.

与Chana Teeger的第四次会议,| 2022年1月18日


Speaker: Chana Teeger伦敦经济学院

Discussant: Sandrine Lefranc, CNRS

This paper points to the limits of experiential learning when teaching about histories of racism and discrimination. 根据在南非一所种族多样化的高中进行的实地调查, 我记录了老师们是如何利用模拟和角色扮演练习来教授种族隔离的. 教师们认为,这将有助于建立历史同理心. However, not only did the simulations fail to capture the actual costs of being black—or the privileges of being white— during apartheid, they also reinforced the notion that racial stratification was separate and distinct from students’ current situations. 通过模拟,种族隔离被呈现为一个没有遗留问题的系统. 过去的制度和现在的情况之间没有联系, 哪些学生可能会认为是真实的和熟悉的. The simulations thus ironically served to delegitimize black students’ claims about ongoing racism at school and in the broader society.

2022年2月15日,由Tom Pettinger博士主持的第五期会议


Speaker: Dr. Tom Pettinger华威大学

暴力是如何被记住的, 为什么它会以特殊的方式被记住, 这些记忆会产生什么可能性? 暴力的记忆在遭受恐怖主义运动创伤的地方很明显, 并在无数的社会实践中表现出来, 从持续的暴力到和平努力——以及有形的基础设施, like statues, graves, 和冲突的壁画. My research interrogates places where these social practices and physical markers of conflict are evident - particularly Northern Ireland, 以及西巴尔干半岛. What does collective memory of conflict in these places tell us about the reasons violence occurs - and how does this memory intersect with efforts to promote coexistence and peace there?


Discussant: 莎拉Dybris McQuaid (博士学位),奥尔胡斯大学



Speaker: 乔安娜Wawrzyniak,华沙大学

在我的演讲中,我想把新自由主义研究的一些方面结合起来, memory studies, 和》研究. 通过考察波兰如何铭记上世纪90年代的经济转型, 我想谈谈三个相互关联的问题.

Discussant: 康斯坦斯Pâris de Bollardière, the 乔治和伊琳娜·谢弗种族灭绝、人权和预防冲突研究中心, 新萄京正规网站