An Interview with 教授斯蒂芬·索耶

We sat down with Center Director, 教授斯蒂芬·索耶, to understand the academic underpinnings of creating the Center.

What were the origins of the Center for Critical Democracy Studies?

The Center creation is a confluence of three separate developments. The first is the long tradition of American and French dialogue on democracy, 尤其是巴黎的学者代表了一段非凡的民主思想史. 作为一个结果, 新萄京正规网站的知识领域与目前在巴黎发生的民主学术复兴紧密相连. 

第二点是欧盟当前的民主状况与法国在欧盟的地位的趋同, 这就提出了一些问题,新萄京正规网站必须在新萄京正规网站和更广泛的社区中探索,21世纪的民主会是什么样子.  

最后,重要的是, 新萄京正规网站 has taken on the publishing of the 36 year old Tocqueville Review, 双语和跨学科杂志,重点关注跨国和全球性的政治和社会问题. Tocqueville’s legacy of pursuing the history, 文学, 社会学, political science and theory of democracy lives on in the review, 考虑到这些调查的性质,它们不属于任何一个学术领域. 因此,新萄京正规网站成立了一个研究中心,对民主及其演变这一主题进行跨学科的研究.



The “critical democracy” idea, and my own background are fundamentally rooted in four intellectual schools of thought. As a French historian and scholar of liberalism, 我对民主的历史和理论的思考的基础来源于与法兰克福学派相关的几代批判理论的研究, from the work of Michael Foucault in “La Critique,” from the work of Claude Lefort on democratic indeterminacy, from the thinking of Pierre Rosanvallon, author of the more recent book Democratic Legitimacy, 回到美国的约翰·杜威,他20世纪初的民主理念和民主教育正在复兴. 尤其是勒福尔,他重新审视了托克维尔新萄京正规网站民主行为的观点,认为这不是预先决定的,而是开放式的. 

托克维尔也为新萄京正规网站提供了批判性地思考民主社会中的权力以及如何在权力和国家之间定位自己的方法, topics that are ripe for pursuit by the Center for Critical Democracy Studies. Recent pro-democracy movements have been anti-state on both the far left and the far right, and we have not as of yet used democratic theory to discuss the role of states in a democracy.  


What is the vision for the work and output of the Center?

We expect to provide an interdisciplinary space where 新萄京正规网站 faculty, 学生, and the wider intellectual community in 巴黎 and beyond can think in new ways about democracy. We plan to engage with other French and European institutions as we host conferences, 带扬声器, 开展学生和教师的研究,并最终创建关键的民主实验室,以开展各种教学活动. 新萄京正规网站将继续法国和美国新萄京正规网站民主的对话的传统,这一传统在托克维尔很久以前就开始了,并在他的20世纪诠释者的推动下进一步发展. 

Democracy around the world is one of the “big” questions of our time. 中心的奖学金将通过跨学科的视角审视民主国家中出现的不平等现象, along with other problems such as absenteeism, stability and representation now associated with democracy. 该中心将鼓励一个更有力的概念,即研究民主对all参与者意味着什么.