国际事务硕士, Conflict Resolution, and Civil Society Development

在全球范围内, where divisive politics and nationalism are gaining ground, there is a crucial need for individuals with the skills to approach contemporary issues from an informed, 多元化的视角. 国际事务硕士, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society Development is a two-year, bilingual program with the University of 巴黎 I-巴黎大学. 通过这次合作, you will join a community of scholars working in 巴黎 across languages, cultures and different educational 系统s to develop conflict resolution and humanitarian skills, global solidarity networks and future civil society alliances.

Our close working relationship with the 巴黎大学 enlarges our community of scholars, permitting students of the program to focus on multidisciplinary study, 伦理反思与国际主义.


While providing a rigorous and well-rounded understanding of contemporary international affairs, the course will push you to take theory beyond the classroom. 在你的研究, you will have opportunities to work alongside visiting professionals to advance your skills and networks through intense three-day workshops that provide expertise in humanitarian assistance, 外交, 非营利组织管理, 谈判, 法律解决问题, 在冲突地区进行健康评估, 小额信贷管理和调解.


We welcome recent graduates from educational institutions across the world – having earned the equivalent of a BA degree in International Affairs or a closely related field – as well as current professionals already working in the worlds of international institutions, 非政府组织和决策.


以及新萄京正规网站项目的要求, you will take modules at the University of 巴黎 I-巴黎大学. 在法语通过DELF B2考试之后, you may enroll in four graduate level courses at the 巴黎大学 and receive a certificate attesting to your capability to successfully complete graduate work in French. 作为交换, 新萄京正规网站 admits those 巴黎大学 graduate students with sufficient English to participate in four of our modules, enriching the module experience for all students through enhanced cross-cultural referencing. Learning two languages and studying across two universities, you will be uniquely immersed in two ways of viewing the world.


作为项目的一部分, you will engage with the world outside of 新萄京正规网站 through The Hague, 牛津大学和Guerre实践学院, along with cultural trips offered by other programs, 比如印度的那些, 费和柬埔寨. This type of on-site learning or fieldwork encourages you to interact with a professional environment and often within the context of another language and culture.


作为国际事务硕士的学生, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society  you will engage with discipline-specific theoretical constructs through modules designed to enhance critical thinking, as well as graduate-level research and writing capacities.

The program features core and elective courses, allowing you to focus on various fields of practice. We cover a rich scope of content from 法律 to international relations and 外交, 从解决冲突到人权, 包括:


PO5005菲罗. 发现. 国际性组织的国际关系

Articulated within the emergence of the European nation-state and born in the context of the First World War and its aftermath, the discursive field of International Relations is organized around the constitutive concepts of conflict, 无政府状态, 权力, 系统, 规则, 法律, 和正义, and the practices of civil society and political economy. 这些概念和实践组织起来, 反过来, both the major schools of International Relations theory and contemporary methodological pluralism. This course interrogates these founding concepts from a philosophical perspective within the historical and discursive context of each major school: 1) from classical 自由主义 to international 自由主义; 2) from classical realism to modern realism; 3) the ‘English School’ of IR theory (Bull); 4) Marxist tenets within international relations (from Karl Marx to international political economy); 5) Modern and Contemporary Critical Liberalism (Polanyi and Held); 6) The philosophical grounds of contemporary Constructivism.


PO5012公民社会:国际 & 电脑及相关知识. Persp.

“Civil society” is one of the more elusive entries in the social science lexicon, and not a few have argued that we could do well without it. 以批判而又欣赏的精神, this seminar introduces to the various meanings and uses that have been attributed to, 或由, 跨越时间和国家背景的公民社会. A constant in its various meanings is the reference to an elementary capacity of social self-organization beyond states and markets. This has made civil society an attractive alternative to diminished states and unfettered markets in the era of 全球化, interestingly for the political left and right alike.


冲突管理,预防, & 要摧毁

Course will examine both the theory and practice of decision making, 外交和解决冲突. It will examine theories of procedural and instrumental rationality, 前景理论, 多宣传, along with an examination of actual policy formation involving bureaucratic politics, 政策网络, 和预选. The course will likewise examine diplomatic theories ranging from “ripe for resolution” to “ripe for prevention”. 最后, specific historical and contemporary cases studies involving conflict prevention, 冲突管理, conflict transformation and conflict resolution will be examined.


PO5072新萄京正规网站 & 世界事务

America's predominant position in the modern world 系统 derives from a continuous process of expansion. Using a pluridisciplinary approach with a strong historical focus, this course critically explores the US’s ascending movement from the confines to the center of the world 系统 and the ways in which America has shaped the global political economy. It will allow students to anchor controversial contemporary debates (imperialism and hegemony, 合作与冲突, 多边主义和单边主义, 全球化, 跨民族和民族国家, 等.). Major IR and IPE theoretical frameworks (realism, 自由主义, 马克思主义, transnational theories) will be discussed and their relevance assessed when applied to different issue areas.



这个学位会让你成为一个见多识广的人, proactive participant in developing new ideas for the promotion of peace and social justice at community, 国家和国际层面.

作为国际事务硕士的学生, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society Development you will:
  • Build an in-depth understanding of a cosmopolitan canon of academic and expert publications in international affairs, 国际法, 公共政策, 跨国事务, conflict resolution and civil society development

  • Develop clear analytical thinking as demonstrated by contributions to in-class discussions and argumentation as developed in written work including in the exploration of causality in your Master's thesis

  • Demonstrate initiative in selecting a range of rigorous academic sources for oral and written work and in the pursuit of original research for your Master's thesis

  • Gain a mastery of qualitative methodology (especially case study methods) and a basic understanding of statistical methods

  • 研究生 with the ability to give oral presentations and produce coherent written work in the French 系统 to a graduate level


关闭 to 9 out of every 10 graduate 校友 that graduated from The American University of 巴黎 during the years 2012-2014 have found a job, become entrepreneurs or pursued additional educational routes within one year of graduation. Our graduate programs provide academic excellence and practical knowledge that prepares you to successfully enter the international employment market after graduation. 


在你学习的过程中, you are encouraged to build on your education at 新萄京正规网站 by applying gained knowledge and skills. An internship provides you with the crucial connection between theoretical knowledge and the real world experience that can ultimately kick start your professional career. 

In the past our students have undertaken placements with companies that include:






倒Une Planete sans Frontieres


奥美 & 马瑟巴黎

Elan Edelman年代.A.S.






Learning methods focus on conventional techniques as well as critical management studies and approaches from other academic disciplines. Courses combine lectures, seminar discussion, case-method and student-directed projects. 在这种背景下, a special emphasis is put on professional skills development and career development. 学生 also have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and program faculty for research projects and specialized directed study courses.