我想我可能有学习障碍. 我要去哪里?

如果你想接受考验, 或者如果你想知道如何在新萄京正规网站学习期间注册住宿, 你应该 cvernierathyogo-hanaiku.net (与学生指导顾问预约) in the Office of Student Development at the start of the semester – and ideally at the beginning of your studies. We work with off-campus specialists who are qualified to conduct widely accepted testing in American higher educational environments.


最好是注册, 并且让你的教授从学期开始就知道你的资格, 即使你决定不要求考试住宿.


Your professor will already have received a notification from the Student Guidance Counselor regarding your eligibility for accommodations, 因此,这种讨论将受到欢迎. 最有可能的是,在你之前,教授们的课堂上也有其他学生提出过类似的要求. We highly recommend you discuss these accommodations during your professor’s office hours because this will allow for adequate time to go over the entire semester’s logistics: the dates of 考试, 用笔记本电脑做课堂笔记或考试, 或者把额外的时间用在考试上.

除了, you can talk about your general academic strengths and weaknesses to determine if there is additional support your professor can provide.


An exam accommodation form 必须由学生要求填写吗 athyogo-hanaiku.net (学术资源中心) support for 考试. 如果根据您的注册文件, 你有资格获得额外的时间, 一台笔记本电脑, 或者另找一个地方作为考试住宿的一部分, 你应该在考试日期前两周完成上述表格. 在考试前最后一刻提出的住宿申请将不予受理. Please, plan ahead!

一旦我提交了完整的考试住宿申请表, 我什么时候能知道我考试的确定安排?

Someone from theathyogo-hanaiku.net (学术资源中心) 会在你和你的教授处理完你的请求后给他们发邮件吗. 如果在考试前48小时还没有联系到你,请联系ARC.


记住,新萄京正规网站的教授很乐意和你一起工作, and they see exam accommodation forms as a tool to best measure the knowledge you acquire in a course rather than your disability. 因为你的住宿是基于个性化的测试, 他们会被新萄京正规网站的教授们认真考虑. 在学期早期给你的教授提供指导和建议的机会. 不要推迟这些对话.



做一个合理调整的节目, 设施, 或者是残疾人可以获得的资源


一项全面的联邦法律,禁止在就业中基于残疾的歧视, 公共服务, 私人经营的公共设施和服务, and tele沟通s.

Breaks as Needed



“A person with a disability” is “any person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life 活动. 主要的生活活动包括, but are not limited to, caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, 看到, 听力, 吃, 睡觉, 走, 站, 提升, 弯曲, 说话, 呼吸, 学习, 阅读, 集中, 思考, 沟通, 和工作. 一项主要的生命活动也包括一项主要身体机能的运作, 包括但不限于, 免疫系统的功能, normal cell growth, 消化, 肠, 膀胱, 神经系统, 大脑, 呼吸, 循环, 内分泌, 和生殖功能.——美国残疾人法案.



Electronic Copies

All handouts should be provided to the student in an electronic format which can be used with assistive technology.


all的讲义(包括测试), 考试, and quizzes) should be provided in an enlarged font (font size determined by the faculty and student together).

延长时间2.0x (100%)

学生的考试时间是课堂考试时间的两倍, 测验或定时作文. (Ex. 这个学生考试一小时,考试两小时。

延长时间1.5x (50%)

学生的考试时间是课堂考试时间的1.5倍, 测验或定时作文. (Ex. 这个学生一小时的考试有一个半小时。




接纳残疾人, 有或没有特殊照顾的, 在项目, 活动, 和他们的非残疾人同伴一起使用设施.

Major Life Activities

功能,如照顾自己, performing manual tasks, 走, 看到, 听力, 呼吸, 学习, 工作, 参加社区活动(1990年美国残疾人法案)

No Handwritten Papers





任何生理上的紊乱或状况, cosmetic disfigurement, or anatomical loss affecting one or more of the following body systems: 神经系统; musculoskeletal; special sense organs; 呼吸, including speech organs; cardiovascular; reproductive; 消化; gentio-urinary; hemic and lymphatic; skin; and 内分泌; or any mental or psychological disorder, 比如智力迟钝, organic 大脑 syndrome, 情绪或精神疾病, 以及特殊的学习障碍. (1990年美国残疾人法案)


有残疾的人, 对规则进行或不进行合理修改, 政策, 或实践, 建筑的拆除, 沟通, 或运输障碍, 或者提供辅助辅助和服务, meets the essential eligibility requirements for the receipt of services or the participation 在项目 or 活动 provided by a public entity. (1990年美国残疾人法案)


a change or adjustment to the way things usually are in order to attend the needs of individuals with disabilities. The reason for a change of adjustment is to ensure individuals with disabilities have the same opportunities as others. 

Staggered Exams**

这个地方可以用来转移考试地点, (主要项目, 如果同一天安排了2个或2个以上的演讲. To use this accommodation students must notify faculty 2 weeks in advance to coordinate and agree upon a new arrangement. 学生们联系其中一位教授,要求将日期改到另一天.

**需要注意的是,此住宿不能用作延期. 如果需要延期,请联系你的教授和/或班主任寻求帮助.


There are four kinds of accommodations that are not considered reasonable: (1) It is not a reasonable accommodation if making the accommodation or allowing participation poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others; (2) It is not a reasonable accommodation if making the accommodation means making a substantial change in an essential element of the curriculum (educational viewpoint) ;  (3) It is not reasonable if making the accommodation means a substantial alteration in the manner in which you provide your services; and (4) It is not a reasonable accommodation if it poses an undue financial or administrative burden.

Use of Calculator

在需要进行简单数学计算的考试中,学生被允许使用计算器, 但不是本课程的基本学习目标. 教员可以决定合适的计算器类型.


学生可以在课堂上使用笔记本电脑做笔记, 或者输入考试或测验的答案.