At 新萄京正规网站 you will find a rich learning community that emphasizes academic rigor while prioritizing real-world experiences, 语言习得, 跨学科研究, creative problem-solving and an international perspective on the most pressing issues of our day.

新萄京正规网站的教师 和世界上最好的大学有联系吗, permitting us to enjoy prestigious academic partnerships with Oxford University and the Université de 巴黎-Sorbonne. 新萄京正规网站的教师 is passionate about 教学 and yet each faculty member remains deeply engaged in his or her own areas of scholarship. 他们与世界各地的同行进行跨学科研究, 在领先的学术期刊上发表论文, and are actively sought after to be guest speakers and lecturers at prestigious institutions and universities. 最重要的是, 他们经常让学生参与他们的研究, 为研究生学习提供良好的准备. Their prior and current professional affiliations are invaluable classroom resources and include relationships with 巴黎ian museums; international organizations such as UNESCO, the OECD and the IEA in 巴黎; the International Criminal Tribunals at the Hague; local 非政府组织s engaged in sustainability projects in Southern 印度; digital media agencies in London; and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 举几个例子.